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We value our patients' experience at Tootoonchi Chiropractic Inc.. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Ali Tootoonchi

  • "I was very uncomfortable and had a lot of pain. I felt like it was a chore to even walk for 10 minutes because of the pain. It would take all my energy.

    But now, I definitely feel 100% better. I'm able to run and workout again with no problems what so ever!"
    - Diana A.
  • "Hi, I am a 32 year old woman, I had severe neck and shoulder pain for past 3 years and also back pain for many years. I did not know the reason for my pains, it was only after I visited Dr. Ali I knew what was wrong with me and how I can get over it. Thanks to my friend who had suggested Dr. Ali.

    It took 6 weeks, at least, for the pain to reduce but I could see a big difference. No doubt he is one awesome Doctor and I recommend him highly. His nutrition class along with Chiropractic is also "
    - Anuradha G.
  • "Bueno pues cuando yo llegue por primera vez con el Dr. Tootoonchi traía mucho dolor de cuello y en mi cabeza. También tenía dolor en la parte alta de mi espalda, venia tenso y con mucho estrés y también tenía dolor en mis hombros pero, con más dolor en mi hombro izquierdo.

    "Bueno pues ahora me siento muy bien, he mejorado mucho en mi vida diaria y ya no tengo dolor de cuello y de cabeza. También ya no tengo más dolor en ninguna parte del cuerpo que tenía dolor especialmente el dolo"
    - D. Basurto
  • "I have been suffering from pain from my scoliosis for years. I have been looking for help all over the place. So finally, I decided to see Dr. Ali after so many years.

    Right now, I feel like a normal person. I've been eating better and he just makes it possible to enjoy my day better. There is lot more work to do, but I feel much better."
    - Elvedin D.S.
  • "Before I came in to see Dr. Tootoonchi, I was having a lot of lower and upper back pain and some sensation proplems in my right arm and hand.

    Now I feel like a new person!!! Seeing Dr. Tootoonchi was the right choice. I have a lot less pain and a lot more energy."
    - Jessica I.
  • "I was sore even before my accident. After my car accident, I had a lot of pain and discomfort. I was having trouble sleeping, walking, and doing any normal day to day tasks. Sitting for too long was painful and I could not focus.

    I feel refreshed now when I wake up in the mornings. My neck and back pain is gone and I feel stronger than before my car accident. I am able to sleep comfortably and perform my daily routines. Dr. Ali is very knowledgeable and has a great staff. It was not only bene"
    - Shareil N.
  • "had lots of discomfort in my low back, shoulders and middle back due to stress, exercise [related] injuries and sitting all day long at work. My pain was a 7/10. But my pain is like a 2 and it comes and goes depending on stress levels. What I love the most is the therapeutic massages. I think that makes the difference in my treatment. Nutritional support is also a KEY in this treatment. These guys are EXPERTS. Thank you Dr. Ali! Your Staff is great."
    - Giovanna M.
  • "I came in to get treated for a pulled groin. Before I came in, I felt a lot of pain, tension and could barley walk without feeling any pain. I also had minor back pains due to misalignment. Being a soccer player, injuries accomulated and I always thought I could treat injuries on my own, but adjustments and treatments by a Chiropractor really is more affective and speeds up recovery time.

    After the first visit, I felt a lot better with no tension. Dr. Ali adjusted my back and neck which relea"
    - Oscar M.
  • "Yo tuve una separación de hombro jugando fútbol y supuestamente tenía que hacerme una cirugía pero, quería tener otra opinión de otro doctor y vine con Dr. Ali Tootoonchi. El me examinó y me dijo que no era necesario hacerme cirugía, y que él me podía ayudar a establecer mi hombro. Y después empecé la terapia con el Dr. Ali.

    Ahora me siento muy contento de que me he recuperado mucho y de que no hubo necesidad de cirugía. Gracias al Dr. Ali, me he recuperado en corto tiempo."
    -Rubén T.
  • "I was losing my left eye sight due to retinal detachment and specialist in Canada had told me that I had to undergo surgery, otherwise I would go blind soon. I flew down to the Bay area and consulted with Dr. Ali Tootoonchi and he put me on a whole food supplement protocol for 3 months. Before the end of the 3rd month, I had a second/follow up angiograghy on my left eye and the specialist was in shock that in such short period of time, my eye problem had resolved and there was no need for surger"
    - Sherry K.


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