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Tootoonchi Chiropractic Inc. Offers Corporate Health Talks

Our classes are always fun, energetic and informative. We are constantly attending seminars and reading the latest research so we can bring you the most up to date information. You are sure to take home knowledge and ideas that will make dramatic changes in your professional/work life as well as your personal life.

The workshops will focus on preventing common conditions such as back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, nutritional deficiencies and requirements along other topics that can be and will target high stress office workers and business executives or the warehouse worker to optimize their health.

Tootoonchi Chiropractic Inc. is located in the heart of Silicon Valley/Bay Area and we are excited about educating the corporate community on ways to maintain optimum health with a high stress lifestyle. The lectures can be between 20-60 minutes long and the health talks are right in a company’s facility that has shown to add a benefit & help office workers and executives gain valuable health information on the job, while preventing injuries and decreasing time off due to common complaints. The health talks can also be done in conjunction with a company health fair or retreat. Tootoonchi Chiropractic Inc. has participated in several area health fairs, and are corporate affiliates with many area businesses, and love to coordinate ways to give back to the community businesses such as doing health talks, lunch and learns, and ergonomic workshops.

Back pain and headaches are two of the most common complaints that affect employees, and cause missed time and decreased productivity at work. Consumer Report's Back Pain Survey recently ranked Chiropractic #1 for low back pain treatment, while Duke University recently stated that Chiropractic treatment is superior to all other forms of headache treatment. Learning how to prevent these common conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and other ailments related to poor posture and stress at work just makes sense.



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